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By: Paul Ziegenhorn

June 17, 2010

Since we've added web conferencing several years ago, it becomes more and more evident how this tool significantly improves the design / build process as costs are scrutinized and deliveries compressed.  One recent program stands out, a stapling device with numerous metal and plastic parts that were activated by a series of gears and pulleys.  Our initial design review with the customer using our web conferencing program allowed us to review the entire assembly get an overview of the device with a diverse group of Matrix personnel.  Representatives from our design, manufacturing and quality areas all reviewed the device from their own point of view.  And with the convenience of a VOIP phone call, our marketing manager attended the meeting remotely. During the review, suggestions were made to the customer that allowed them to eliminate several parts by redesign of the current assembly. Parts were combined, reducing the part count in the assembly. Slightly more complicated tooling, but far less costly in the long run. The customer immediately embraced those suggestions, as their COGS target for the device was going to be difficult to achieve.  The savings our suggestions allowed gave them an immediate benefit. And, during the review, a fundamental design flaw was flushed out when this group of a dozen technical people got into a spirited discussion on the mechanics of the device, which was corrected within days.  And as our mold design work was firming up, we held a concurrent review of both tool and product design, which saved significant time.  Mold design (ours) and device design (theirs) were being toggled back and forth, with mods to both being made as the meeting continued.  A very fast and productive use of time, for sure!


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